Ninja Professional Blender Review

Looking for a blender? I have been using  the Ninja Professional Ultra Kitchen  Blender BL780 for awhile now. This is some of my thoughts of the pros and cons.

Ninja Professional Blender

 What Comes With The Ninja Professional

  • 72 ounce pitcher,with a 6 blade and lid.
  • 2 single serve cups
  • 64 ounce bowl, with 4 blade, lid and dough hook.
  • It has a 1.5 horsepower motor helps in the blending of dough and crushing of ice.
  • The base has these speeds Power, Dough, Blend and Crush, with pulse and single serve.

Ninja Professional Pros

The Ninja Professional Blender has suction cups on the bottom, this is great for stability keeps the blender from dancing around the kitchen counter while using it.

The pitcher and the 64 ounce bowl are both made with materials that are BPA free.

The two single serve cups are great for making milkshakes for the grandkids and I’ve also used one for grinding up my coffee beans for fresh coffee in the morning.

Ninja Professional Cons

It says that all attachments are dishwasher safe, but I have found that when I put my 72 ounce pitcher in there it fogged up.( So I wash mine by hand now)

I have found that it binds up if too much is put in it. So I have to stop it take off the lid and try to rearrange the food. Found it best to put small portions in at a time and blend.( on certain food)

The 64 ounce bowl has two blades for it, the first one is the dough hook, which of course is used for the making of bread, it can make dough up to 1.5 lbs.  I find it struggles a little with bread dough, but it does get the job done.

It is also a loud blender. Other than these cons, I have found nothing else wrong with it. It has been a great tool for me in making shakes, canning my tomatoes and making fresh bread.


Speaking of cleaning out this pitcher all that needs to be done is fill with hot soapy water 2/3 full and turn on. The pitcher and lid should be washed as soon as you are through with it, if not debris can get caught in the crevices of the lid and will be hard to clean out later.

 Models of Ninja Blenders

  • NJ600 Ninja Professional 3 speed Blender.
  • BL640 Ninja Duo Auto IQ Blender with Nutri Ninja  Single Serve Cup.
  • BL660 Ninja Professional with Single serve 3 speed Blender Silver.
  • BL770 Ninja Mega Kitchen System. (Blender/Processor)

Rap Up

The Ninja Professional Blender has been a useful product in our household, from making loaves of bread to shakes. It is a powerful blender with the capabilities of juicing, blending, food processing and dough mixing.